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Add Listing to Normal list

Add Program (Monitoring Activation)

Main listing features:

- Free news publishing.
- Traffic counter and other additional features.
- Fast ans simple registration process. free listing ($0)

List your program at on not monitored area.
You shall place our counter on pages of your site in order to get listed on monitoring

List your program at on class B (Under Trial).
To get listed you must spend any amount(monitoring fee) you wish of which 100% of this amount will be invested into your program.


-We don't accept any special plans, plans for monitoring sites etc. This test amount will be invested in any plan and from any name.
- We will rate the HYIP programs based o n our rating system, which will be influenced by payouts from our investment that we make in the HYIP programs, and our personal opinion of the HYIP programs through various sources. (Our rating is decided by us, and may not be disputed).

monitoring free initial class upgrade period upgrade to class
$1000 + in 5-10 days
$500 + in 15-30 days   
$200 + in 30-60 days   
$200 + ---